Giselle Guylian

New York, New York, United States
Giselle Guylian

About Me

I am Giselle Guylian. Much like the chocolate I am sweet and inviting. I specialize in decadent discreet arrangements for those with the taste for elite companionship.

My ability to slip on a even gown and heels to compliment your dashing ensemble, or change into a more relaxed cropped jean and blouse will forever be my best skill. I grace a room without speaking a word.

My exotic look and appeal captivates everyone around me. I’m very in tune with myself, causing me to be aware of my surroundings and topics brought up at the dinner table. I’m sharp, witty and cunning.

Lastly, I’m very much a passionate person. I love to love. A bit of a hopeless romantic at times but necer overbearing. I pride myself on the nurturing nature and supportive personality I’ve been born with. I’m a great listener, friend, and even business partner. I can assure you, you will never forget a companion like myself…

as I am & will remain, one of one.

Best wishes , Giselle xx

**please view website for addition info & for contact I prefer emails**

Places I Love to Visit

  • Paris
  • Florence
  • Milan
  • Venice
United Kingdom
  • London
United States
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami Beach
  • Santa Barbara
  • Santa Monica
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